Your created for a limitless life. Are you living life?

You were made in the image of a limitless God to live life free of earthly constraints, self-doubt, and complacency—limitless life. In Limitless, Pastor Eric Petree examines the art and heart of abundant living, guiding every reader to step into the greatness for which he or she was created.


• Nuanced examination of Scripture reveals God’s boundless dreams for every life.
• Powerful insights and questions invite readers to thorough self-examination while providing a road map for their journeys from “here” to “there.”
• Gripping personal testimony brings abstract concepts to life through relatable, compelling, and transformational stories.


It’s time to stop simply surviving and start thriving alongside your Creator, whose love and mercy are as limitless as the life you were meant to live!

God is calling to you with a greater dream and a bigger vision, but the enemy is trying to hold you back from your room with a view. There will always be something trying to make its way into our lives to block our view. Your enemy wants to turn your dreams into dust and your visions into his victories. If he can ruin your dream, he’s got you—and your family too. Our enemy is called a deceiver. That means he takes reality and distorts it just enough to blur our perspective.

We have a choice. When we’re in a challenging time, we can choose to get bitter, hurt others and come face to face with a brick wall. Or we can choose to say, “I’m going to see good. Even though everyone else sees a brick wall, I’m going to see beauty. I’m going to see with a better view.”

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What People Are Saying About Different Eric Petree Books On…

Truly impactful books are not just written; they are first lived—then written. If I know anyone with such Limitless experiences, it would be Eric Petree. Pastor Eric has rolled up his sleeves and gotten his hands dirty in the trenches.


Pastor Eric guides you easily into the limitless power of God! I am so thankful for Pastor Eric and his example of leading people to God’s forgiveness and limitless power!


Pastor Eric’s writing will change your “bottom-up” perspective into a “top-down” view for your future, aligning your vision with God’s plan for your life!


In a moment in history that seems to be defined by barriers and restrictions, the message in Limitless: Defy the Ordinary is like a renewal of the mind—an awakening of the spirit to the nature of Christ that resides within us. Pastor Petree’s engaging words are inviting, accessible, and just what we need right now.

Nobody wants to be average. No one wants to be an average mother, father, worker—an average anything. We were born for the extraordinary but often settle for ordinary. In his latest book, Limitless: Defy the Ordinary, my friend Eric Petree challenges us to break all limits and live the extraordinary lives we were born to live.

WOW … my friend Eric Petree has done it! I hope you will invest in yourself and allow the wisdom of Limitless: Defy the Ordinary to enter your world. It’s time to learn how to navigate the journey from “here to there.”